A.I. Indexes

Index Inception
Index ID
Description Methodology
A.I. Managed Futures
Volatility Index
4/31/20042/1/2013AIMFVThe A.I. Managed Futures Volatility Index (AIMFV) is a long/short/flat diversified managed futures index. The index is both systematically and quantitatively based index of numerous components that serve as a proxy for exposures to economic sectors related to financial futures, commodity and volatility futures. Elementally AIMFV provides exposure to Managed Futures sectors. This exposure is complimented with innovative overlays that account for multi-factor seasonality, and a focus on efficient access to directional movements inherent in the underlying components of futures contracts.
A.I. Quality Value
Momentum Index
1/31/19927/17/2014AIQVMAs the name implies, the AIQVM Index relies on a Tri-Factor™ approach of stock selection through a combination of quality, value, and momentum. The use of quality metrics attempts to provide defensive characteristics to the portfolio by reducing historical volatility and mitigating losses during market declines. Value and momentum factors have been known to complement one another. By including a mix of stocks that are relatively undervalued and stocks whose prices are exhibiting long term momentum, the index takes a diversified approach for seeking equity gains during market advances.
A.I. Dogs of the World
ex-USA Index
1/1/200112/14/2017ADOGXThe A.I. Dogs of the World Index selects the five worst performing countries where a return reversal or move back toward the mean (or average) is anticipated. The index has a contrarian approach that looks for deep value among a universe of 44 countries. Country stock baskets will represent the top 75% of the market capitalization. The index methodology follows a strict screening process. A company's location and economic ties will determine its country designation.