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Arrow Insights is a research firm with a focus
on macro-economic factors that support both
fundamental and technical analysis. We believe
that theoretical research is most useful when it
can actually be applied to tactical trading and
asset allocation strategies.

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AI Announces Reconstitution Postponement for the AIQVM Index - July 2020

A.I. Managed Futures Volatility Index

The A.I. Managed Futures Volatility Index
(AIMFV) is a long/short/flat diversified
managed futures index. 

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Foreign Stocks –
Inflationary & Deflationary Times

June 15, 2021

In our last issue: “Monetizing Inflationary & Deflationary Booms & Busts – May 25,” we reviewed inflation-bred booms-busts and deflation-bred booms-busts to reveal the performance of stocks, bonds, cash, and commodities since 1920 along with Reflexive Asset Allocation (RAA, Appendix), a methodology that over- and underweights portfolios to asset classes and alternative assets strategies (Figures A-B). After 1946 and prior to 2008, most investors feared the last war, a 1969-1979 inflationary bust when mean inflation was 8%+ and stocks and bonds had negative returns. They had lost their fear of a 1930s-type deflationary bust.

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