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Investment Fads Decade by Decade – Booms and Busts!
December 4, 2023

Since Dec 31, 2021: U.S. Stocks & Bonds Underperform T-bills by -6.5% & -16.4%
Gold Records All-Time Nominal High – A Reversal in Economic Growth
U.S. Fiscal Deficits are Setting a Bear Trap 


Arrow Insights (AI) conducts research for the weekly InFocus. AI reviews economic and market factors relevant to specific financial needs. Each InFocus examines asset classes and index performance within an asset allocation context. The primary or secondary objectives are hedging inflation, deflation, or both. Each InFocus reviews a portfolio strategy model or index relevant to this process.

AI's market views are grounded in the links between the US 10-year Treasury yields (UST10Y) that drive asset risk premiums, which in turn are driven by asset duration: the time from initial investment and an investor's reception of principal, interest income, enterprise earnings, and gains from real assets. 

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