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About Arrow Insights

Arrow Insights
is a research firm with a focus on macro-economic factors that support both fundamental and technical analysis. Investment research is often based only in the theoretical realm, but Arrow Insights believes in the value of applied research for tactical trading and asset allocation methodologies. The firm focuses on education in an attempt to broaden the knowledge base of its subscribers. Led by John R. Serrapere, Arrow Insights publishes papers, builds and tracks model portfolios, and analyzes traditional and alternative investments.

John R. Serrapere
President, Arrow Insights

John has been advising investors since 1983. He provides ongoing research for investors seeking alternative investment options and consults on hedge strategies for institutional investors. He was formerly the analysts and investment strategists for Foster Holdings, Inc., a large Pittsburgh-based family office. John previously served as a principal of Rydex Leveraged Hedges, LLC, where he designed registered and non-registered products. John has been published in The Journal of Indexes, Financial Advisor Magazine, Corporate Finance Review and The Retirement Planning Journal. He writes a regularly featured column titled "Active Indexer" for Index Universe.